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The following is some helpful information you need to know if you would like to sell at one of our markets:

Stall hire includes:

  • 6ft/8ft Dressed Table
  • Chair
  • Space to the side for 2-3 large items/Clothing rails
  • Market Day support staff
  • Free entry for the stallholder and one helper
  • Excellent indoor venues in great locations
  • Public Liability Insurance

Stall Location:

  • You will be allocated your stall before market day. If you have booked more than one stall and you would like them located together, or you would like to be next to a friend, please make a note in the comments section at the time of booking. We will do our best to help.
  • Goods in front of your table MUST NOT be deeper than half a metre, as it deters shoppers from looking at your table and it congests the aisles. You have allocated space to the side for larger items, prams, cots etc. This will leave you with more space at your stall for your smaller things (i.e. shoes, clothes, toys, etc). Clothes Rails are available to hire for €5 but must be booked when you book your stall. A clothes rail will free up your table, which can sometimes look cluttered with too many clothes. Hangers are not provided.

Large items:

  • It is important that only clean, quality, functional large items are sold. That means they must contain all screws, cords, cables, panels, or other required pieces for the item to work. Manuals and original documentation are great if you have them.
  • All items must also be clean and 100% functional. Anything that is slightly broken, not working, not doing what it is supposed to, will not be accepted. Carry out a safety check on your goods before you consider selling.
  • The Baby Bay Market will pass on a the stall holder's contact details to a shopper post market date, if an item is reported as faulty or to be missing parts.
  • Stallholders are usually not able to assemble larger items such as cots. Please be ready to display your items unassembled. If you think it is important to showcase the items assembled, then you may want to attach a photo.

Set up Times:

  • Stall Holders have access to the venue for set up one hour before the market begins. All stall holders must be ready when the doors open. Stall holders are not permitted to pack up until the market is finished. All rubbish and unsold items must be removed.

Car Seats:

  • Car seats are very popular second hand but please make sure that you do not sell a car seat that has been in an accident.

Selling Tips:

  • DO NOT OVERPRICE! You need to price your items to sell. Forget about how much it cost you and think about how much it’s worth now. And if you don’t sell it, it’s worth nothing in your attic! Remember that this is a second hand market and buyers are looking for bargains, so price low and sell lots! When pricing your items, consider the quality of an item, the brand, how old it is, and how popular the item currently is. It also depends on demand and supply on market day.
  • DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR TABLE! Keep it simple; do not overload your table. If your table has piles on piles of goods, SHOPPERS WILL BYPASS YOUR STALL. It is better to bring more things out as you go along, rather than putting it all out at once. Clothes rails are a great way to dress up your stall, and reduce the amount on your table. For example, you may want to hang up the clothes on the clothes rail, and place the other goods on your table. Don't try to sell all of your baby & kids items from the past 10 years in one go - pick out those items that suit the season we're currently in and the season to come. Toys and books are very popular items, particularly if they’re in very good condition.
  • Only sell what you would buy yourself. Please do not sell items that are heavily worn, stained or smelly. We are not a trash market; only sell goods that you would buy yourself. Wipe dirt off shoes, give the highchair a good wipe, wash clothes if necessary, etc. Just try to imagine: would you buy it yourself? If not, don't sell it. We will ask you to remove unsuitable items on Market Day.
  • Put clearly visible price tags on your items - but be prepared to haggle - be flexible. Remember, everyone loves a bargain!
  • Shoppers prefer if everything has a price tag on it, although you may just decide to put up one big sign “everything €X”, and make it easy for you & the shoppers. If you have a number of small items for sale, you may want to 'bunch' them up (i.e. put 5 pairs of socks in a bag with a price tag: 5 for €X).
  • Make sure you bring plenty of change (we recommend at least €50 in coins plus small notes).
  • And last but not least, Put a smile on your face! You'll be surprised - it works like a magnet! Be proactive; don’t just sit at your stall reading a book, not looking up. Say hello to shoppers, (“can I help you” or “are you after a particular size”), offer suggestions, pull out different clothes in the same size, etc. You will not be reimbursed for lack of sales. It is your job to sell your goods – the above suggestions should help.